A Culture of Honesty Earns a Degree of Respect

Documents and Forms

Academic Honesty Report Form and Application

(Before proceeding to complete either form, you must save it to your desktop, rather than open it in your web browser.)

Facilitated Discussion Flow Chart and Agreement Form

Instructions for Submitting Forms – please choose one of the following:

1.  If using a PC, please right-click and save the form to your desktop, rather than open in your web browser (see below if using a Mac).

2. Complete the form and email saved or scanned form to honesty@uga.edu
3. Fax the completed form to: (706) 542-0544
4. Mail or bring completed form to:  Academic Honesty, Office of the VP for Instruction, 114 New College, Athens, GA 30602-1698

Submitting Forms on a Mac

The default behavior on Macs is to either open the form in your web browser or open in the Preview App. Both of these are problematic. Please use Acrobat to fill out and submit your forms.

1. Make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Acrobat Reader (free) installed.
2. Right-click (or CTL-click) on the links above and choose “Save Link As…”
3. Save the document to your Desktop; right-click (or CTL-click) it and choose “Open With” -- picking Acrobat from the list of apps.
4. Now the form will open in Acrobat. You should be able to fill out and email the saved or scanned form to honesty@uga.edu