A Culture of Honesty Earns a Degree of Respect

Reporting Possible Academic Dishonesty

Instructors who believe a student has violated the academic honesty policy should complete the Report of Possible Academic Dishonesty Form and submit the form to UGA’s Director for Academic Honesty by e-mail (saved in pdf. format), fax, or campus mail. Reports should be filed no later than 15 days from the date the possible dishonesty is discovered. A student who wishes to report a possible violation should provide the instructor of the course with a signed and dated description of the matter.

The Director will notify the student(s) by e-mail and provide him/her with a copy of the Report that has been filed. The instructor who reports the matter will be copied on the notification. The Director will schedule a Facilitated Discussion for the student(s) and instructor to discuss the issue with the goal of reaching an agreement about the matter. Instructors should refrain from discussing the Report with the student(s) until a facilitator is available. The instructor is expected to bring all relevant material to the Facilitated Discussion.

A trained facilitator will be assigned by the Director to assist the instructor and student in an educational discussion about the Report.  If both the instructor and student agree that dishonesty occurred, both will discuss appropriate sanctions for the violation.  Sanctioning at this level is determined by the instructor and student. The goal of the Facilitated Discussion is a mutually agreeable resolution.

If the student and instructor are unable to reach an agreement about the violation or sanction, the matter will move forward to a Continued Discussion with an Academic Honesty Panel. At this level, the Panel will determine the outcome of the matter.  

 Report of Possible Academic Dishonesty Form