A Culture of Honesty Earns a Degree of Respect

About the Council

Mission Statement

To share with every student the commitment of the university to academic honesty and integrity by promoting the premise that “A Culture of Honesty Earns a Degree of Respect.”

What is the Student Academic Honesty Council?

The Student Academic Honesty Council (SAHC) is a student group whose mission is to serve the UGA community by encouraging honesty and integrity in academic matters. The Council's work is advised and funded by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction.

How does the SAHC serve the UGA community?

The SAHC promotes academic honesty by hosting roundtable discussions featuring UGA professors, students, administrators and other members of the UGA community; by passing out free pizza during the beginning and end of semesters at the Tate Plaza, while encouraging academic honesty and integrity; by screening relevant films; by presenting to student groups on campus; by placing "A Culture of Honesty" plaques in classrooms and labs on campus; and by creating and directing videos to be shown at orientation and in classes.  The SAHC also recruits and trains students to serve on academic honesty panels, as required by UGA's academic honesty policy, "A Culture of Honesty."

Who is eligible to apply?

Any student at UGA is eligible to apply. No prior experience with academic honesty at UGA is required to become a member of the Council. Prospective members apply and are selected on the basis of their skills and experience, interest in campus academic life, and a commitment to understanding and promoting academic honesty. Members are required to serve for at least one academic year and contribute to the Council's activities. After serving for a year, members may apply for a leadership position. All Council members are eligible to be trained to serve on academic honesty panels.

What can be gained from membership and serving on panels?

Student members have the opportunity to gain valuable experience contributing to the academic integrity of the university and play a role in the activities of the Council. Serving as an academic honesty panelist is an excellent way to meet professors and administrators outside of the classroom, develop skills related to education and fairness, and take part in important decisions about their peers' academic work and future at the university. 

What are the leadership opportunities on the Council?

There are seven leadership positions on the Council and a number of other committees and work groups that execute the Council's activities. The positions include President, Secretary, Vice President of Council Relations, Vice President of Public Relations, Vice President of Panel Relations, Vice President of Programs, and Graduate Student Advisor(s). Members with leadership positions are expected to attend regular leadership meetings, manage a committee or work group, assess the Council's needs involving their position and creatively address these needs, and actively participate in the regular meetings and activities of the SAHC. Leadership members should have been actively involved with the SAHC for at least one year before applying for a leadership position.