SAHC Newsletter

October 2013 Issue

Meet the Leadership Team

Back row (left to right): Andy Watts, Andrew Dannenbaum, Ryan Rones, Rahul Tadakia. Front row (left to right): Jennine Jarrett, Mackenzie Johnson, Ally Orr, Shreya Patel

Event Spotlight

Fall Kickoff Meet & Greet – 08/29/13
  • Excellent event for students, staff, and faculty to meet, eat, and discuss future plans for the SAHC!
  • Special appearance made by President Morehead!
  •  Great kick-start to a strong year with the SAHC!

Academic Honesty in The News

Cheating Their Way to the Top?

“Ten percent of Harvard’s incoming freshman class recently admitted to cheating on exams prior to heading to the Ivy League institution, and another 42 percent admitted to cheating on a homework assignment or problem set, the university’s school newspaper, The Crimson, reported…”

Plagiarism or Coincidence?

“In late July, Daniel Flynn, a conservative author and columnist, submitted an essay to the Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Review called “The War on Football,” which laid out the case against banning the sport at the youth level. Two days later, Flynn was informed that his piece had been turned down.Two-and-a-half weeks later, on Aug. 17, Flynn went to the Journal’s website and found that the paper had published a column by another author, titled “In Defense of Football,” which included much of the same data presented in the same order and language similar to that presented in his own work.”

Thoughts from the Council:

Academic honesty is an essential part of the intellectual community here at UGA. With these kinds of academic dishonesty cases in the news, it is imperative that we do whatever we can to encourage “A Culture of Honesty”. We hope to see you soon.