Exploratory Center for Student Advising

What is the Exploratory Center?

The Exploratory Center advises all students with unspecified majors, as well as students with intended-business and intended-journalism majors. If you have an unspecified major, are having trouble selecting a major, or feel you are in the wrong major, advisors in our Exploratory Center are ready to work with you one-on-one to guide you toward the major and career path that are right for you. You will receive strategic academic advising and referrals tailored to your personal goals.

How do I talk to an advisor in the Exploratory Center?
For unspecified majors

Explore Hours (to ask quick questions or learn more about the center) are available Mon.-Thurs., 1-4pm. If you are ready to be formally advised and cleared for registration, you must make an appointment with your Exploratory Advisor (in the Exploratory Center) in SAGE (Student Advising & Guidance Expert). If you have not been assigned an advisor in the center, please complete this Referral Form. An advisor in the center will contact you to make an appointment.

for intended-business or intended-journalism majors

If you are a returning intended-business or intended-journalism student who was advised last year in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences, you will now be advised in the Exploratory Center. You may log into SAGE to make an appointment with your advisor. If you are a new intended-business or intended-journalism student and have not yet been advised, please declare your major in Athena and complete the Referral Form; the center will contact you with instructions for making an appointment. You are also welcome to stop by for Explore Hours (Mon.-Thurs., 1-4pm) for more information about this process.


The Exploratory Center for Student Advising is located on the first floor of the Tate Student Center. Please stop by the check-in desk upon arrival. For questions or more information, please contact us at 706-713-2759 or exploration@uga.edu.