Certificate in Academic Advising

The Certificate in Academic Advising was developed in 2007 by Elizabeth Sproston and Amber Fetner, two professional advisors in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences. In 2009, the Academic Advising Coordinating Council (AACC) began directing the Certificate in collaboration with Career Development and Training. You will find information about the certificate program, including course offerings and requirements, here.

More than 50 academic advisors received a Certificate in Academic Advising at the 2014 Fall Academic Advising Workshop in November sponsored by the Academic Advising Coordinating Council and the Office of the Vice President for Instruction. Certificates were awarded to advisors who completed a six-course advising program over the last year. Recipients of a certificate include: Zeeshan Bakht, Richard Boggs, Jason Booth, Kimberly Brown, Justin Burnley, Benjamin Byrd, Julia Butler-Mayes, Litashia Carter, Pricilla Cartwright, Christopher Chilas, Kasey Anne Christian, Sarah Crain, Katherine Daley-Bailey, Laura June Davis, Margaret Denna, Aimee Dowd, Jennifer Eberhart, Sara Emery, Ami Flowers, Beverly Ford, Nathan Freeman, Kenneth Michael Hill, Lisa Jagoda, Rebecca Jeffers, Rachel Jones, Ronald Jones, John Lauckner, Trina Lawrence, Kendra Lewis, Lisa Lowe, Dagmar Nelson, Elizabeth Ozment, Samantha Pattillo, Ellen Pauloski, Shannon Perry, Caroline Piotrowski, Marcellas Preston, Heather Robalik, Jessica Roberts, Angela Romero-Shih, Angie Royer, Dominic Sevieri, Cindy Schulman, Amanda Spohn, Douglas Stinnett, Christie Tarpley, Jason Tiller, Anne Marie Vencill, Chera Watts, Angellica Wentworth, and Aisha Alaman and Miranda Thomas from Georgia Southwestern State University.