Complete College Georgia

UGA’s Complete College Georgia plan is part of a statewide project coordinated by the University System of Georgia in 2012 to improve student access to college and increase retention and graduation rates among the system’s institutions over the next eight years. Based on the 2013 U.S. News and World Report Rankings, UGA has a higher six-­year graduation rate (83%) than all but two of our twelve-comparator peer institutions (as defined by the BOR). UGA’s first-­year retention rate (94%) is higher than all but one of our peer comparator institutions. The UGA CCG plan incorporates programs and initiatives that the University of Georgia has supported over the last several years, as well integrating new initiatives to help preserve and increase our high graduation and retention rates.

UGA CCG Plan 2012

UGA CCG Status Report 2013

UGA CCG Status Report 2014

UGA CCG Status Report 2015