Digital Discovery Showcase: UGA Double Dawgs and Majors Fair

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The Fall 2020 fair has concluded. More details about future fairs will be posted on this page once available.

All students are invited to attend the virtual Discovery Showcase for Majors, Minors, Certificate Programs and Double Dawgs Pathway program. The Discovery Showcase seeks to guide students on their major and career paths at UGA.

UGA offers 135 majors across 17 schools and colleges, in addition to a multitude of minors, certificate programs and bachelor/accelerated master degree programs. Various majors will be grouped together based on areas of interest instead of by colleges, so students will get the opportunity to speak with representatives from different schools and colleges within an area of interest.

Areas of Interest include:

  • Creative (Arts, Media and Communications)
  • Leadership (Business, Marketing, Public Policy and International Affairs)
  • Service (Education, Training and Social Services)
  • Technology (Engineering, Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science)
  • Culture (Language, Culture and Society, Humanities)
  • Nature (Natural and Physical Sciences)
  • Life (Life and Health Sciences–human and animal, Public Health)

Find Your Major

Not sure which area your Major is in? Check out this complete listing of majors per area of interest. 

Find Your Major (PDF)

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The event is designed to educate all undergraduate students about opportunities to enhance their academic experience and be better prepared for life beyond the Arch—whether that's by adding or changing a major, or by pursuing a minor, certificate or an accelerated master's degree through UGA's Double Dawgs Pathway program, which can save students time and money while positioning themselves for success after graduation.

It can be easy to miss opportunities when you are solely focused on your school or college. Even if you don't want to change your major or add a major, you should still look into other options, like minors or certificates that are available to students across schools and colleges.

Students will have the opportunity to meet with advisors and representatives from many of the schools and colleges. Students who are searching for a major may be introduced to an Exploratory Center advisor for an initial conversation and information about finding the right major. 

The event is sponsored by the Office of Instruction and the the Office of Curriculum Systems. Representatives from the following programs will be available to talk to students at the fair: