Staff Awards

The Office of Instruction awards recognize the exceptional efforts of our employees on behalf of UGA. Awards will be given out  at the Instruction staff appreciation event in April.

Award categories 

Leadership Award
For someone who inspires, motivates, and gets the job done. This person helps the team make progress and stay on deadline. 
Nominations should include examples of how this person shines as a leader and how they made a project successful.

Innovator of the Year
In recognition of a staff member who had innovative ideas, thought outside the box, and offered creative solutions in 2022-2023. 
Nominations should include examples of the innovative ideas that they brought to the table and implemented and how those ideas made a difference.

Community Building Award
For outstanding performance in helping foster a positive, productive, collegial, and helpful environment in the office.
Nominations should include examples of helpfulness and positivity. Explain how this person goes above and beyond to make the office better.


Open to full-time staff employed in the Office of the Vice President for Instruction. Nominations should include a letter of support from the unit director. The preceding year’s winners are not eligible. 

Nominations closed March 15. 

Previous Staff Award winners are listed below. 

2023 winners

Andie Biscegilia, Leadership Award

James Castle, Innovator of the Year

Bernard Green, Community Builder Award

2022 winners

Maggie Blanton, Leadership Award

Amanda Sphohn, Innovator of the Year

Katie Burr, Community Builder Award

2019 winners

Kay Stanton, leadership award

Kyleigh Weaver, team player award

Jennifer Eberhart, innovator award

Courtney Cullen, innovator award

2018 winners

Joanne Sorrow, leadership award

Krystal Pintar, team player award

Colby Moss, innovation award

2017 winners

Adam Lawrence, team player award

Sherontae Maxwell, leadership award

Krystal Pintar, team player award

Greg Spillers, innovation award