How do department(s) submit a proposal for a Double Dawgs program?

A proposal form is provided for submitting a proposal for the Double Dawgs pathway. Faculty in both the undergraduate and graduate programs will work together to define the pathway. Download the proposal form.
The proposal for the pathway requires approval from the department head and dean for each program. The completed form with signatures should be submitted to the Office of Curriculum Systems for routing to the Graduate School and the Office of the Vice President for Instruction for administrative approval. An online process for the approval routing will be available soon.

Is a student considered admitted to the graduate program when he or she is admitted to the pathway?

No, a student must apply to the graduate program through the regular admissions process and satisfy the admissions requirements for the graduate program.

At what point in the Double Dawgs pathway does a student change from undergraduate to graduate student status?

Students are considered undergraduate students as long as they are pursuing the undergraduate degree.  At the end of the fourth year, they will graduate with an undergraduate degree. During their fourth year, they will apply to graduate school and will be admitted to the graduate program at the beginning of the fifth year. Once students are admitted to the graduate school, they will be considered graduate students.

What is the deadline for Double Dawgs proposal submissions in order for programs to begin fall 2017?

Proposals must be approved by department(s), school(s)/college(s), and submitted to the Office of Curriculum Systems by June 15, 2017.

If a fifth-year/graduate student is supported by a fellowship and therefore exempt from tuition, how is their participation in Double Dawgs impacted?

Students on assistantship or fellowship who do not pay tuition may still participate in Double Dawgs. The colleges and schools will still benefit from the credit hours generated. The departments will not be eligible for the incentive.

If we do not expect high student enrollment in the Double Dawgs program, is there any benefit for developing and offering a dual degree pathway?

The dual degree pathways will be marketed to undergraduate students. The pathway will provide a clear path for interested students to pursue both an undergraduate and graduate degree. The financial incentive is only available to programs that have been approved as Double Dawgs programs.

What is the financial incentive for the Double Dawgs program?

The Double Dawgs program provides $3,000 directly to departments for each student who successfully completes an approved dual degree pathway in five years or less.

Can the 12 hours of graduate coursework also be used to satisfy the requirement for upper-division coursework as well as electives?

Yes, the faculty responsible for the undergraduate program will determine where the graduate courses are most appropriate to maintain the integrity of the undergraduate program.

Will students be able to use undergraduate scholarships and financial aid towards their graduate courses?

Courses taken by undergraduate students pursuing an undergraduate degree, undergraduate or graduate-level courses, will be billed at the undergraduate rate. Undergraduate students may use scholarships for graduate courses as long as they are used to complete the undergraduate program of study.

Who determines the entrance requirements to the pathway? Are these requirements the same for entrance into the graduate program?

The departments determine the admission criteria for the pathway. The admission requirements for the graduate program are determined by the graduate program faculty in compliance with university and USG policies and procedures and apply to all students applying to the graduate program. The department may specify different criteria for admission to the pathway and the graduate program.

How soon after college approval will Double Dawgs programs be available for students?

Allow two to three weeks beyond college-level approval.

We only have a thesis version of our master’s degree, but would like to include a non-thesis version for the Double Dawgs program. How can we accomplish this?

Submit a letter requesting a non-thesis option, including the reason you would like a non-thesis option and the program of study for the non-thesis option. The letter needs to specify what students will be doing in place of the thesis.

If a major has multiple concentrations or areas of emphasis, does a Double Dawgs application need to be completed for each one, or just one for the overall program?

One application may be submitted for the overall program. Separate programs of study for each concentration or area of emphasis should be included with the application.