Approved Undergraduate/Graduate Dual Degree Programs

The University currently offers more than a dozen dual undergraduate/graduate degree programs, many of which have been in existence for several years, and Honors students have long benefited from the ability to pursue dual bachelor/graduate degrees. By streamlining the processes for creating additional Double Dawgs programs and making them available to all qualified students, we aim to significantly increase the number of linked undergraduate/graduate degree pathways UGA offers.

BBA Accounting / MACC Accounting
BS Pharmaceutical Sciences / MS Pharmacy
BSAE Agricultural Engineering / MBA
BSBCHE Biochemical Engineering / MBA
BSBE Biological Engineering / MBA
BSCE Civil Engineering / MBA
BSCSE Computer Systems Engineering / MBA
BSEE Electrical and Electronic Engineering / MBA
BSENVE Environmental Engineering / MBA
BS Foods and Nutrition / MS
BSFR Forestry / MFR Forest Resources
BSME Mechanical Engineering / MBA

More approved programs coming soon!


Look for a new, comprehensive website with a full list of program options coming soon!