Transfer Student Support

At the University of Georgia, transfer students comprise approximately one-third of the undergraduate student population. The unique problems and needs of this population are well documented in the literature of higher education: academic “transfer shock,” alienation from campus life and loss of credit hours1. Moreover, because the proportion of underserved minorities, first-generation students, non-traditional students and students with financial need is higher in the transfer population, they often experience an additional layer of obstacles2.

In December 2017, the President’s Task Force on Student Learning and Success submitted their recommendations resulting from a year of study of undergraduate education at UGA. Included among them were seven recommendations for working with students prior to transfer and twelve recommendations for working with transfer students post-admission. In February 2018, the Transfer Working Group was formed and charged with further studying these recommendations for feasibility of implementation. The Transfer Student Working Group Final Report contains the data, observations and recommendations of this group.

Judith Iakovou will serve as UGA’s transfer student coordinator and will be responsible for the implementation of various services and programs identified by the Transfer Student Working Group as being essential for the success of transfer students. Judy formerly served as the director of the Office of Academic Advising Services and has played a key role in several academic advising initiatives at UGA over the last several years. She has worked closely with the Transfer Student Working Group and in supporting certain programs for first-year students. Judy will begin work on implementing the recommendations of the Transfer Student Working Group immediately.

For questions concerning support for transfer students, Judy may be reached at or 706-542-3493.



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