Art of STEM Winners Announced

Thursday, April 4, 2019

side scan sonar


Thanks to all the students who submitted an amazing array of images to the 2019 Art of STEM Competition. Submissions came from a number of areas, including ecology, forestry and veterinary medicine. Cortney Bunch in the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources received an Award of Excellence for her "Side-Scan Sonar." Cortney describes her submission, pictured above:

Side-scan sonar is a tool that lets us view the bottom of water bodies like rivers. It uses sound waves to define rocks, trees, sand and fish underneath the water surface, even in muddy waters. The side-scan imagery is easily overlaid onto Google Earth imagery to produce the picture you see here. Sonar is very important because we can learn where large endangered fish species (like Atlantic Sturgeon) are when they reproduce. We can learn dates of use and specific characteristics of habitats the fish use, which inforst essentioal managment actions that help lead to recover of these species. Collaboration with the UGA Sturgeon Lab.

Special Merit Award winners include:


All of the entries are pictured below:

art of stem winners

The Art of STEM is sponored by the Office of STEM Education and the Innovation Gateway in the Office of Research.