Changes developing in the Premedical Studies Program

The UGA Premedical Studies Program is implementing changes beginning with the hiring of an interim director. The changes have been initiated following the departure of former director Dr. Alan Langford, who, after developing a strong foundation for the program for the last 16 years, has returned to teaching in the College of Pharmacy. 

Joe Crim, former UGA associate vice president for instruction and former department head of Cellular Biology, will lead the Premedical Studies Program during the fall term. Crim is currently Professor Emeritus in Cellular Biology.

Before his retirement from UGA in 2009, Crim taught a popular upper division endocrinology course and co-taught introductory biology for majors. Additionally, he offered freshman seminars about “The Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine” and “Biology in the News”. Crim was a charter member of the UGA Teaching Academy and collaborated with Student Affairs to establish the First-Year Residential Learning Community program in Creswell Hall. Crim also served as UGA representative on the General Education Council for the University System of Georgia.

As interim director, Crim will assist staff of the Premedical Studies Program to guide undergraduates in establishing a robust academic portfolio competitive with the applicant pool. Crim also will serve as a liaison with other stakeholders whose mission is to foster the progress of students towards matriculation into medical school.

"Dr. Crim brings a deep well of knowledge and experience and will help identify areas of improvement to align our Premedical Studies Program with other top programs nationally,” said Ronald Cervero, associate vice president for instruction.

The Premedical Studies Program at the University of Georgia has a strong history of support for students, helping them remain nationally competitive with other universities and colleges by providing the necessary tools and resources for admission to medical, dental and optometry schools. The office advises and meets directly with UGA students and alums, providing guidance with the medical school application process. The Premedical Studies Program also works closely with UGA staff and faculty advisors who assist students with UGA course registrations.

While a search for a permanent director is being conducted, the Office of the Vice President for Instruction is consulting with the National Association of Advisors for the Health Professions (NAAHP) and with other large universities to identify ways to strengthen the Premedical Studies Program.