Introducing Connect & Complete

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Advisor talks with student.

New program aims to connect with students to complete degrees

Connect & Complete takes a proactive, early-alert approach to student academic success

University Council approved the Connect & Complete Persistence Framework—a set of proactive academic policies designed to support students in academic difficulty and intervene earlier.  

The hallmarks of Connect & Complete include a streamlined, consistent process; transparency for students and advisors; early outreach to students before an Academic Warning; and stronger networks of support to address students’ needs. An example of this cross-campus collaboration is the Degree Completion Team, comprised of the student’s academic advisor, academic coach, and case manager from student care and outreach, who meet with students on Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal.

“The goal of the Connect & Complete framework is to provide students a set of holistic, research-based interventions to impact their academic performance, success mindset, and well-being—interventions that will keep them on the path to graduation,” said Naomi J. Norman, associate vice president for instruction and interim director of the Division of Academic Enhancement. “We know that every student who is admitted to the University has what it takes to be successful here. Some just may need additional tools and extra guidance to thrive. If a student experiences academic difficulties, we want to give them the support they need well before they face academic dismissal. Connect & Complete does that.”


Connect & Complete supports a larger scope of students and by providing interventions tailored to their unique needs. The introduction of Early Alert will impact around 1,700 students annually by providing proactive support; addressing barriers to success; and connecting them to relevant resources.

What’s new

Early Alert

Connect & Complete notifies students who earn below a 2.0 term Grade Point Average or  earlier if their professor posts a low midterm grade. Early Alert students will be invited to meet with an Academic Coach to discuss and brainstorm solutions to academic challenges or enroll in a UNIV academic success course.

Academic Suspension
Students on Academic Suspension will be required to successfully complete a UNIV class that introduces them to the science of learning. The goal is for students to develop or hone self-regulation skills, metacognitive learning strategies, and the academic confidence needed to be successful at the university when they return from Academic Suspension.

“Students who continue to have academic difficulties and are suspended are those most at risk of not graduating. These new tools should set them up for academic success,” said Norman. “The idea is to support students with proactive interventions and to make the process more transparent, less confusing, and consistent across the university.”

Connect & Complete is the result of peer and aspirational institutional benchmarking; a robust literature review; assessment of UGA students’ unique needs; and input from university stakeholders, including Academic Advisors, the Division of Academic Enhancement, and Student Care and Outreach.

“Our hope is that the framework tells students that UGA invests in them and creates an environment that supports their success” said Maggie Blanton, assistant director for services of the Division of Academic Enhancement, who chairs the Connect & Complete Implementation Team.  


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