Engage: Looking forward to fall

Friday, July 28, 2017

With the summer semester winding down this week and new student orientations coming to a close, we're preparing for the beginning of a new academic year and new goals to improve student engagement and achievement. In a couple of weeks, we'll not only be welcoming our students back to campus, but also have about 300 new faculty join the UGA family. To get our faculty ready for the new academic year, units within the Office of Instruction, as well as the Office of Faculty Affairs, are offering courses to help faculty be successful at UGA. Many of these offerings are listed on the Center for Teaching and Learning website, as well as the Faculty Learning Opportunities resources page. I encourage all faculty to take advantage of these course and workshop offerings – even if you've been teaching at UGA for a while. You might find these help you learn about new teaching methods and tools or ways to further develop your own talents.

A big push from the Office of Instruction this month is on launching SAGE (Student Advising and Guidance Expert), our new student advising system. This will make it easier for students to stay connected with their advisors and various other campus support services. The online advising tool will help students request advising appointments, send reminders, and allow student information to follow them even if they change majors across schools and colleges. Importantly, it allows student advising records to follow the students irrespective of the major or college they choose, and allows advisors to have all the information available to best support each student. We're very excited about the benefits this new software will provide.

In the spirit of looking forward, I also want to share that this will be the last official issue of Engage. In a couple of weeks, we will launch a new and improved e-newsletter from the Office of Instruction, called GO. This seems fitting with our goals for improvement, achievement and success. Go learn. Go create. Go inspire. Thank you for your interest, support, and feedback about Engage. We will continue to engage with you and share the news from the Office of Instruction. Look for GO in your inbox soon!


Rahul Shrivastav
Vice President for Instruction