November 25, 2015

Survive—and Thrive—During Finals Week

As we approach the end of the semester and the accompanying dreaded finals, it’s a good time to remember the promise you made to the University of Georgia when you applied for admission – a promise to be academically honest. 
“I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others.”  UGA Student Honor Code

November 25, 2015

Ideas Worth Spreading

In November nine UGA student speakers shared their own “ideas worth spreading” at the fourth annual Student Idea Showcase at Tate Theater. Sponsored by the TEDxUGA Student Council, students shared their knowledge and experiences on topics ranging from space exploration to reducing world hunger through Latin American agriculture. Four students made the final to cut to present at TEDxUGA 2016 in March. Here are our selected TEDxUGA student speakers: … more

November 24, 2015

Set your course for the future!

It’s almost the end of the semester and time for finals! Nearly 1,750 students are graduating in December and beginning new careers or starting graduate school. The majority of you will downshift into the slower pace of winter break and spend time with family and friends at home. Winter break is a good time to decompress, rest and reflect on the past semester and think about whether you are on target for your career goals. … more

November 11, 2015

Summer is heating up!

Yes, you read that headline correctly—summer. There's been a lot thoughtful planning going on behind the scenes for summer school in 2016, including a few big changes in how we typically prepare for summer months at UGA. … more

October 21, 2015

Summer in Athens!

Do you know your plans for summer already? I know May still feels far away, but it’s not too early to start thinking about how you want to maximize your time between the spring and fall semesters. … more