Finish Strong

Wednesday, April 28, 2021


Graduate students Mason McNair, left, and Mark Zenoble teach a plant biology class in person and online simultaneously earlier this semester.

Graduate students Mason McNair, left, and Mark Zenoble teach a plant biology class in person and online simultaneously.


As we approach the last days of the semester and a year for the history books, it feels like we are turning a corner. I am always incredibly grateful for your talents and dedication to our students, especially over the past year. In just under a month, we will have made it through an entire academic year of teaching through a pandemic. Now, it is time to finish strong.  
As you prepare for finals in the weeks ahead, I remind you that Respondus online proctoring remains available through eLC. If you decide to go this route, we have compiled some considerations here to support test administration. If you prefer to avoid an online exam, you can view a complete list of proctored exam alternatives on this page or reach out to the Center for Teaching and Learning for additional suggestions and help.
For all exams, consider asking your students to take an honor pledge before or as the first question of your exam. Students can acknowledge they agree to follow your course guidelines (such as working independently, without using online resources, etc.). You could even ask your students to type out the statement to match what you have written to ensure they understand.
With so many additional stressors this semester, students may appreciate a reminder of the resources available to them as they prepare for exams. The Division of Academic Enhancement offers advice on test preparation and strategies, time management, and more here. Students can still engage with an Academic Coach for support for the end of the semester as well.
Spring semester 2021 will end on May 3rd, followed by Reading Day on May 4th: As is always the case, no tests or quizzes may be administered on the final instructional day of a course unless the course has not been assigned a final examination time slot by the University. Labs may administer tests or quizzes on the final instructional day. Student presentations to the class in a seminar or graduate course shall not be considered a test or a quiz. Similarly, no mandatory assignments should be scheduled for completion during Reading Day. You may, however, schedule optional study reviews for your students on Reading Day.
Final exams begin on May 5th and end on May 11th; the final exam schedule is posted here. Submit your course grades by noon on Monday May 17th: We urge you to meet this deadline as failure to do so often has negative consequences for a student’s financial aid. Timely submission of grades will help ensure that we do not create another uncertainty for students. 

Thank you again for all you have done to make this semester a success. If you have any questions or ideas you would like to share, please reach out to
Rahul Shrivastav
Office for Instruction