GO: Committing to Integrity

Monday, November 26, 2018



There is no denying finals and final projects can be stressful and overwhelming. It seems there’s never enough time to get everything done. It can be very tempting to take the easy way out, especially with so many tools and apps available to you. But did you know that some of those shortcuts actually violate our Academic Honesty Policy? Here’s how:

Finals Survival GuideMore than half (53%) of our 700 academic dishonesty cases in 2017-18 were for unauthorized assistance. Tools and apps, such as GroupMe, are useful tools for communicating easily with multiple classmates, but it’s also very easy to inadvertently get pulled into a situation that violates our academic honesty guidelines. Posting answers to tests on a GroupMe—an unauthorized assistance—may implicate all members of the GroupMe. Don’t put yourself in a situation that compromises your academic integrity. If it doesn’t feel right, don’t participate. If you’re not sure, ask your professor.

Plagiarism may seem like an obvious offense, but you would be surprised at the number of students (259 for 2017-18, to be exact) who don’t realize they’re being dishonest when they copy direct quotes, paraphrase from online resources, or include data without citing the sources. Presenting another person’s words or work as your own is considered plagiarism. Remember, even if you’re in the first draft of an essay or paper, write down your sources. It’s easy to forget where you found your information. It’s better to cite them as you go.

Academic DishonestyThese are just a couple of ways students can violate the academic honesty code without realizing it. You can find a more complete list of tips on the Academic Honesty site or take a minute to watch this video. I wish the best of luck to you as we wind up the semester. You can also find helpful study tips from the Division of Academic Enhancement to help you with finals. I wish you the best of luck as we wind up the semester.

Before you leave for the break, don’t forget to take a look at our summer course offerings. Whether you need to fulfill your experiential learning requirement or want to study away from campus, we’ve got a lot to offer. You can check out more information about summer courses, schedules, and tuition rates, and financial aid at summer.uga.edu.

If you have any tips you think we need to add to our Academic Honesty list, please let me know at ovpi@uga.edu. Good luck on finals and the end of your semester. And congratulations to those of you graduating in December! Well done!



Rahul Shrivastav

Vice President for Instruction