GO: Extending Learning Beyond Athens

Monday, October 1, 2018

Gwinnett Campus


When people say the name University of Georgia, they probably think about Athens with its beautiful campus, greenspaces, and the infrastructure to support our broad mission. It is sometimes easy to forget about our extended campuses—UGA’s tendrils of teaching, research and service that span across the state of Georgia and beyond, meeting the needs of our citizens where they live.

UGA first created extension services in Griffin and Tifton more than 100 years ago as the backbone of agricultural service in the state for farmers. As the educational needs of Georgians grew, we responded by introducing academic programs at these locations to make a UGA education more accessible to rural Georgians. UGA also created academic degree programs at the Gwinnett campus, which offered a small set of undergraduate and graduate degree programs in Lawrenceville.  

UGA enrollmentSince then, the Griffin and Gwinnett campuses have increased their academic offerings, with nine undergraduate and eight graduate degree programs available in Griffin, Gwinnett has 12 graduate degree programs available in Gwinnett. Both campuses have solidified their positions in their respective communities by keeping pace with academic and community needs, including partnering with local chambers of commerce and school and community leadership programs, as well as offering continuing education courses, educational programming and other specialized services.

But we have the opportunity to do more at these campuses. Earlier this year, we created additional support to help departments create or expand programs at our extended and online campuses. If you have any questions or wish to explore the development of new academic programs, including certificates, professional master’s degrees, online, or blended-format graduate degrees at any of the extended campuses, you should reach out to Linda Bachman for help. Linda has already been working with various schools and colleges to see how the Office of Instruction can provide enhanced support for this purpose. She can facilitate brainstorming, connect you with resources throughout UGA, map out a program development timeline, and help with the proposal and approval process for new programs.

If you’ve not visited our extended campuses, take a minute to see what they’re doing. Just this week, the Griffin campus will open its first on-campus dining facility, the Dundee Café, for students, faculty and staff. This amazing restoration project has been made possible by a $1 million donation from the Dundee Community Association. Meanwhile, the Gwinnett campus is hosting a Graduate School Open House event on Oct. 20, in partnership with the Graduate School, the graduate programs housed on the Gwinnett Campus, and the Public Service and Outreach units offering programming on the Gwinnett Campus.

Please continue to send me your suggestions and ideas to help improve our student learning environment at ovpi@uga.edu.


Rahul Shrivastav
Vice President for Instruction