GO: Mastering the Last Hurdles

Friday, October 19, 2018

DAE Resources


Now that midterms are over and the withdrawal deadline has passed, you may still be anxious about your classes, projects and end-of-term exams. If you’re feeling like you’re in over your head, or if you’re uncertain about your major, don’t forget about your campus resources to help you get through the most stressful part of the semester.

Study TipsThe Division of Academic Enhancement offers year-round academic assistance through
tutoring, and test prep for chemistry, math, and a variety of other subjects. Take advantage of the DAE’s Writing Center to sharpen your essay skills. And check out their workshops on study tips, final exam preparation strategies, and academic coaching. Take a look at the quick study tip sheet to the right or go to the study tips page on the DAE site for a more extensive list of suggestions. Information about the DAE’s full list of resources is at dae.uga.edu.

And don’t forget that your advisor is a frontline resource who can help direct you to many sources of support on campus. From test preparedness, course completion, changing majors, and anxiety over failure, family or financial situations that might be impacting your academic progress, they can direct you to the appropriate resources. Don’t be shy about asking youradvisor for help. They want you to succeed. They can also help you consider Double Dawgs program options to earn a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in five years or less.

If you want to explore other majors, minors or certificate programs, the Exploratory Center advisors can help you navigate the process of changing majors and thoughtfully selecting a new major. They can also connect you with the Career Center counselors to guide your career choices and help you find the major that fits your goals. Visit explore.uga.edu to find out more information, fill out a referral form to connect with an advisor, or learn about Explore Hours.

Be sure to take advantage of these resources at your fingertips. Don’t forget to breathe and master one hurdle at a time. We’re here to help you cross the semester finish line.

If you have any suggestions for improving the learning environment at UGA, please send me an email at ovpi@uga.edu.


Rahul Shrivastav
Vice President for Instruction