Graduate teaching assistants recognized

Several University of Georgia graduate teaching assistants were recognized this spring for their significant contributions to the instructional mission of the university. Five graduate students received the 2016 Excellence in Teaching Award, including Julie Stoudenmire (microbiology),   Julie J JuJSarah Lowman (romance languages), Chelsey Bahlmann Bollinger (language and literacy education), Nastassja Pugliese (philosophy), and Ben Hudson (English). In addition, 127 students were recognized as Outstanding Teaching Assistants for 2016. The Center for Teaching and Learning administers the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award, sponsored by the Office of the Vice President for Instruction; and the Excellence in Teaching Award, sponsored by the Graduate School. The honorees are as follows:

2016 Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients:

Julie Stoudenmire, Microbiology
Julie has been active member of the microbiology department in the classroom, laboratory, and community. She has taught courses at the introductory and advanced level, connecting well with students at each level. She served as lead instructor for an introductory course and helped transition an advanced undergraduate microbiology laboratory to an authentic research experience. Outside the classroom, Julie served twice as a co-organizer of the department’s summer undergraduate research program, and she has been active in the community, participating in local science fairs, demonstrations, and campus tours, as well as the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival in Washington, D.C.

Sarah Lowman, Romance Languages
Sarah Lowman is a doctoral student of Hispanic studies in the department of romance languages. She has taught courses ranging from beginner Spanish language instruction to the analysis of literature, culture, and film from UGA’s Athens campus to our campus in Monteverde, Costa Rica. She presents a holistic, contextualized view of language acquisition, facilitating and empowering students to take control of their own learning by providing relevant and authentic materials, guidance by example, and targeted feedback. A former student comments, “In previous Spanish courses, I felt as if I was just learning a jumble of verb tenses and grammar rules. Senorita Sarah helped me put everything together through the use of songs, videos, and stories”.

Chelsey Bahlmann Bollinger, Language and Literacy Education
Chelsey is a GTA for the department of language and literacy education and has taught the three core literacy courses for early childhood education majors.  Throughout all of her courses, interactions with faculty and peers, and her professional presentations, Chelsey embodies teaching as a form of inquiry.  She views teaching as a recursive process that involves ongoing reflection cultivated in communities of practice that honor the funds of knowledge brought by each person in the learning community.  Chelsey adeptly combines the experiences of children and her students with the expectation of society and uses technology as the connective tool.

Nastassja Pugliese, Philosophy
Nastassja is a teaching assistant in the department of philosophy. She works on Spinoza’s theory of imagination and the philosophy of education and liberation. She is particularly interested in the problem of the absence of women philosophers across the history of the philosophy curriculum and the problems for teaching and learning logic. She received a Latin American and Caribbean Studies Institute-Tinker Foundation award and an OVPR travel award to present a paper on the methods of teaching logic in Brazil. She also received a Scholarship for Teaching and Learning - CITRL support grant to study teaching practices and syllabus construction in philosophy. Nastassja believes that education is an instrument of social justice. Her goal is to help students achieve intellectual autonomy so they can apply their learning beyond the formal classroom setting and experience the positive impact of philosophy in their lives.

Ben Hudson, English
Benjamin has been a TA in the English department since 2010.  In addition to teaching freshman composition courses, he’s instructed a survey of British literature and lead a course in Victorian Studies, the area of his research.  Outside the classroom, he’s piloted workshops in freshman residence halls to guide students in first-year writing classes through their final projects, and, with Dr. Elizabeth Davis, he helped develop and implement a series of seminars for UGA faculty involved in the pilot First-Year Odyssey Program to help them incorporate writing as an essential element of their courses.  Outside UGA, Benjamin was privileged to work as a writing tutor for the diligent, inspiring students of Freedom University.


2016 Outstanding Teaching Award Recipients:

James Ammons, Mathematics and Science Education
Joelle Arp-Dunham, Theatre & Film Studies
Daniel Baker, Odum School of Ecology
Hyejin Bang, Journalism
Nicholas Batora, Genetics
Bradley Bazzle, English
Holly Behre, Music
Cindy Blair, Educational Theory and Practice
Claire Bolton, Geography
Katherine Brackett Fialka, History
Scott Brevard, Religion
Lizette Busquets, History
Alexander Byrnes, Germanic & Slavic Studies
Sarah Catalana, Educational Psychology
Theresa Chafin, Music
Srijita Chakraburty, Computer Science
Eunji Cho, Educational Theory and Practice
Benjamin Cline, Chemistry
Robert Coffman, Health Promotion and Behavior
Ying Cui, Comparative literature
Elizabeth Culatta, Sociology
Elizabeth Cunningham, English
Timothy Curran, Communication Studies
Russell Cutts, Anthropology
Neil Debbage, Geography
Jane Diener, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Erik Donofrio, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Geoffrey Douglas, Theatre and Film Studies
Cyd  Eaton, Psychology
Tyler Ehrlich, Music
Ashley Fallaize, Kinesiology
Yi Fan, Psychology
Kaitlin Farrell, Odum School of Ecology
Alfred Farris, Physics & Astronomy
Charles Adron Farris III, Theatre and Film Studies
Ben Fuqua, English
Minglu Gao, Plant Pathology
Rupa Gokal, Chemistry
Ximena Gonzalez-Parada, Romance Languages
Mengfei Guan, Communication Studies
Helene Halstead, Language and Literacy Education
Jessica Ham, Anthropology
Alex Harkess, Plant Biology
Hunter Hickox, Chemistry
David Higgins, Plant Biology
Simon Higgins, Kinesiology
Mary Helen Hoque, Music
Lauren Hudson, Food Science and Technology
Alica Hudson, Cellular Biology
Alexei Ionan, Statistics
Khalid Jahangeer, Computer Science
Stephanie Jones, Language and Literacy Education
Brian Jordan, Plant Pathology
Christian Keggi, Microbiology
Mary Kelly, Classics
Holly Kinder, Animal and Dairy Science
Jessica Kobe, Educational Theory and Practice
S. Satish Kumar, Comparative Literature
Ugur Kursuncu, Computer Science
Joseph LaMattina, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
David LaPlaca, Kinesiology
Thomas Lebesmuehlbacher, Economics
Khalil Lezzaik, Geology
Spencer Liebel, Psychology
Leda Lozier, Romance Languages
Sarah Lucena, Romance Languages
Keri Lydon, Environmental Health Science
Bridget Lynch, Psychology
Leah May, Kinesiology
Benjamin McDunn, Psychology
Ashleigh McKinzie, Sociology
Stephen Medlar, Music
Mohammad Mohebbi, Computer Science
Andy Montgomery, Marine Sciences
Charles (Jeff) Morgan, Textiles, Merchandising, and Interiors (FACS)
Isadora Mosch, Philosophy
Mark Mudrick, Physics & Astronomy
Munisha Mumingjiang, Cellular Biology
Doron "Robby" Nadler, English
Uma Nagendra, Plant Biology
Abhinav Narayanan, Economics
Kenneth Ndyabawe, College of Engineering
Matthew Nye, English
Hillary Palmer, Communication Studies
Hyojin Park, Career and Information Studies
Seyedamin Pouriyeh, Computer Science
Roshini Ramachandran, Chemistry
Trevor Ramsey, Linguistics
Marcela Reales Visbal, Romance Languages
Caitlin Reeves, Microbiology
Jared Register, Music
Macc Rigdon, Animal and Dairy Science
Ben Robichaux, Music
Rachel Rotz, Geology
Carolina Salge, MIS
Arunava Samaddar, Statistics
Zachary Saylor, Microbiology
Luca Schaffler, Mathematics
Mary Selden, Psychology
Soye Shin, Agricultural and Applied Economics
Nicole Siffrinn, Language and Literacy Education
George Slavov, Mathematics
Keith Smith, Marketing
In Jung Song, Risk Management and Insurance
Chad Steacy, Geography
Richard Bret Stevenson, Mathematics
Dorothy Todd, English
Nicholas Troendle, Department of Genetics
Nathan Vacher, Philosophy
Sara Vahid, Computer Science
Sophie Vainer, Romance Languages
Ariel VanLeuven, Cellular Biology
Christina Varian, Pathology
Vineet Vora, Statistics
Steven Walter, International Affairs
Longlong Wang, Linguistics
Yuanwen Wang, Statistics
Leonard Martin Ward, Romance Languages
Kaylynn Washnock, History
Jennifer Nicole Weaver-Runyan, Counseling and Human Development Services
Catharine Welch, Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources
Caitlin “Lark” Widener, Animal and Dairy Science
Melissa Will, Counseling and Human Development Services
Ryan Williamson, Political Science
Huan Yang, Finance
Corry Yeuroukis, Pathology
Matt Zawodniak, Mathematics