Newly renovated Academic Resource Center dedicated

The newly renovated Academic Resource Center and TRiO Student Support Services spaces in Milledge Hall were re-dedicated on Aug. 15 by members of the UGA administration, staff, and students. The Academic Resource Center operates under the auspices of the Division of Academic Enhancement, and provides academic support services to UGA students including tutoring, peer mentoring, study groups, and test reviews across disciplines. Originally built in 1925 as a residence hall, the first floor has gone through a major, summer-long renovation to transform the building into a modern, innovative space to facilitate collaborative learning. The improvements also allow for a renovated study space for the TRiO Student Support Services program that assists first generation, Pell-eligible, and disabled students achieve academic success.

“This newly redesigned space reflects our commitment to student success as they transition into higher education and navigate the University’s unique, rigorous academic environment,” said T. Chase Hagood, director of the Division of Academic Enhancement. “These are now twenty-first century spaces where students not only receive academic assistance across disciplines, but where hard work, persistence, and success thrive.”

Joy Zhang, a second-year intended business major, first visited the Academic Resource Center during her first semester when she utilized appointment tutoring for her biology course. As a first-generation student, she also takes advantage of the TRiO Student Support Services.

“I really like how clean and nice the new space is,” she said. “It’s much more student friendly, much brighter and more spacious. And I love that the TRiO space has more room now.”

From the front entrance, fresh paint and carpet, open concept room design, and digital signage are the apparent intimations that Milledge Hall has been renovated. The less obvious changes, however, are the most significant. Students are now able to take advantage of flexible, collaborative space for a diverse selection of tutoring opportunities and trainings. Multiple mobile glass boards can be arranged for one-on-one tutoring or study group settings, adapting to fit the needs of each setting. USB and electrical charging stations for laptops and mobile devices are built into tabletops, allowing students to incorporate technology into the interactive learning process. In the TRiO Student Support Services resource lab, these students have access to a private study space, the ability to print for free, access to resource materials, and staff dedicated to their success.

“The new space encourages students to sit in groups now,” said Reggie Mosley, a fifth-year mechanical engineering major and math tutor. “Before we had tables with [stationary] desktop computers. Now we have hookups and students can bring their own laptops and work in groups, and we use the glass boards to work through problems with the students so that they can figure out new ways to solve problems.”

The Academic Resource Center sees over 22,000 visits per year with more than 60 undergraduate peer and graduate lead tutors and 20 staff assisting students, in addition to 10 academic coaches. Located on the first floor of Milledge Hall, which is adjacent to Reed Hall and Sanford Stadium, the Academic Resource Center and TRiO Student Support Services offer services from 9 a.m.- 9 p.m., Mon.-Thurs. and 9 a.m.-3 p.m. on Fri.  For more information, visit

Photos by Christopher Carson and David Andriate








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