Survive—and Thrive—During Finals Week

As we approach the end of the semester and the accompanying dreaded finals, it’s a good time to remember the promise you made to the University of Georgia when you applied for admission – a promise to be academically honest. 

“I will be academically honest in all of my academic work and will not tolerate academic dishonesty of others.”  UGA Student Honor Code

You’re probably beginning to wrap up final projects that you have grinded over the whole semester. Maybe you’re in a rush to finish up papers and beginning to study for all your exams, and the stress and anxiety are looming over you. Don’t let the stress win! Sometimes stress and poor time management can lead to bad decisions that are out of character – decisions that can drastically change your academic career.

Remember the honor that comes with being a part of the Bulldog Family. You don’t need to take short-cuts or cheat to succeed. We are confident that you have what it takes to ace your finals and get one step closer to earning your degree.

Here are some tips – some that you’ve heard before – but suggestions that might alleviate some end of semester pressure: