Fall 2020: Not Just a Spring Remix

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Teaching w Mask

Instructors are preparing for a new way of teaching as campus reopens in mid-August. 

“When classes moved to remote learning in Spring 2020, I created asynchronous recordings doing my best, but I wasn’t sure it was effective,” shared John Brocato, a technical communication lecturer who joined the College of Engineering one year ago. Wanting to provide an even better learning experience for his students this fall, Brocato recently completed Preparing to Pivot (PTP) in July.   

PTP is a new program developed by The Center for Teaching and Learning, created specifically to aid instructional preparation for the Fall 2020 semester. This eLC course functions as a resource to help instructors create effective instructional plans amid the challenges of the upcoming semester year. 

“Attending PTP helped affirm that I was on track in some areas and provided concrete suggestions for future success,” Brocato said. “The course emphasized how critical it is to communicate early, which prompted me to immediately reach out to students. I even adapted language from a sample message that I found in the discussion boards that were part of the course.” 

Jennifer Walker, a senior lecturer in microbiology, has 15 years’ teaching experience. She was teaching MIBO2500 this past spring when instruction moved completely online. “MIBO 2500 was originally scheduled to be taught for the first time online this summer.  The switch in Spring semester to online actually helped me a little bit!”

“I learned a lot from teaching this summer and the PTP course,” she said. “This fall, students will complete some coursework and assignments before meeting in-person. I will use face-to-face instruction time to work on problem sets and answer questions. All in-person instruction will be recorded and made available virtually. Additionally, all assignments and testing will be online so that when we move to remote learning after Thanksgiving, students won’t have to worry about learning to use a new platform.”

Over 800 faculty attended PTP online sessions participated in one of four cohorts offered this summer. A self-paced option is still available and is accessible at Preparing to Pivot Registration. Learn more about how The Center for Teaching and Learning will continue to offer support this fall by visiting - https://www.ctl.uga.edu/.