WoW: Advice for New Students

Monday, July 1, 2019

ovpi students

From left: Shubham Kadam is working as a software developer for Amazon in Seattle, WA; Jaime Conlan is interning at the Library of Congress in DC; Casey McGinty is interning at a creative firm in Austin, TX; and Anna Lee is interning at Porter Novelli in Atlanta, GA.

If you're a new UGA student, whether a first-year or a transfer student, you're probably wondering where to start in making connections or trying to find a major that leads to your career aspirations. Four recent UGA graduates who held Experiential Learning positions in the Office of Instruction, offer their advice to new students and tell us what they wish they'd known when they arrived at UGA. Read their Words of Wisdom (PDF) and watch the videos below.


Words of Wisdom

Words of Wisdom (PDF)


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WoW: Part 2

WoW: Part 4


WoW: Part 5