Student Resources

In an institution as large and diverse as the University of Georgia, there is a great need for academic and student support services of many kinds. Academic advising is crucial to all students, and our office supports the work of dedicated advisors on all of our campuses. Our Pre-Law Advising Program and Premedical Studies Program offers students courses and resources to prepare for law or medical school. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction is also responsible for the university's academic honesty procedures known as, A Culture of Honesty. Additionally, students needing extra assistance to be academically successful can visit our Division of Academic Enhancement to receive help from expert faculty and staff.

Applying to UGA

Applying to college is a thrilling experience, whether you are a applying as a first-year, transfer or graduate student. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions and the Office of Graduate Admissions can answer students’ questions, guide them through the admission process, and introduce them to UGA. and

Undergraduate Orientation

While attending orientation, incoming first-year and transfer students will be introduced to many departments and resources that will make their experience at UGA unique, while helping them get familiar with their new campus.

Registering for Classes

Registration and adjusting schedules, including dropping and adding classes, is one of several options available to students in OASIS, the Online Access to the Student Information System. Beginning with fall 2014 courses, students will register through Athena, the new student information system.

UGA Bulletin

Use the UGA Bulletin to explore and compare majors, minors and certificates, as well as to research courses to take.


DegreeWorks is a web-based tool that helps students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion by formatting the degree requirements and completed coursework into an easy-to-read worksheet that shows how courses completed count toward degree requirements.

Applying for Financial Aid

The Office of Student Financial Aid informs prospective and current students of the resources and services available to them to secure funds for financing their education. The office advises students of their eligibility for financial assistance in a timely manner and educates them about the financial and academic responsibilities associated with the receipt of that aid.


Academic advising is a mandatory and essential part of the undergraduate educational experience and helps students attain their academic goals. Advisors help students understand the options and opportunities for academic programs of study, degree requirements, academic resources, and course selection. Advising Offices

Pre-Law Advising Office

The Pre-Law Advising Office provides timely and accurate advice to students considering application to law school. In group orientations, panel discussions, workshops and individual advising appointments, the office aids students interested in pursuing a career in the legal profession. For those who elect to apply to law school, the office assists in selecting the most appropriate schools for application and subsequently maximizes a student’s chances for admission into the law school of their choice.

Premedical Studies Program

The Premedical Studies Program contributes to the growing medical program at the University of Georgia by offering students courses and resources to prepare them for medical, dental or optometry school.

Tutoring, Counseling, & Academic Assistance

The Division of Academic Enhancement (DAE) provides a wide range of services, including tutoring, academic counseling and academic assistance, to help students achieve academic success.

Transferring to UGA

Transferring from another college? Get guidance through the transfer application process, and get to know the University of Georgia.

Academic Calendar

Keep up with important dates, breaks and academic deadlines.

Student Academic Appeals

University of Georgia students have the right to appeal decisions on academic matters and begin the process at the level at which the decision was made. Learn more about the appeal process.

Academic Honesty

Every student must agree to abide by UGA's student Honor Code and the academic honesty policy and procedures, known as A Culture of Honesty, when applying for admission to the University of Georgia.

UGA Writing Center

Writing is critical to excellence both in the classroom and in the professional future of each student we encounter, regardless of academic interests. The UGA Writing Center assists students in understanding the writing process, elaborating on their ideas and theories, and evaluating and editing their own work.

UGA Summer School

UGA’s summer school program provides dedicated students an opportunity to take advantage of their time off by offering a variety of courses during summer semester.