Student Academic Appeal Process

Specific procedures exist at the University of Georgia for students who wish to appeal a decision on an academic matter.  At the university level, the Educational Affairs Committee of the University Council considers students' petitions and appeals. (Academic Affairs Policy 4.05-01)

Academic decisions at the University of Georgia may occur at several levels: instructor, department, college or school, or the university. An appeal may originate with respect to the actions of an instructor, with a department, a school or college, or at the university level. An appeal begins at the level at which the decision was made. If the student is dissatisfied with a negative decision and wants to appeal further, he or she must progress to successive levels of the appeals process as defined in the Guidelines for Routing of Academic Appeals. An appeal must be made within thirty days after receiving the written ruling. (Academic Affairs Policy 4.05-03)

All grade appeals must be initiated within one calendar year from the end of the term in which the grade was recorded.

The precise procedures for beginning an appeal may vary by the department or college. Students who have a matter they may wish to appeal should ask the department head or college or school dean what procedures are used.  At the university level, appeals are considered by the Petitions Subcommittee of the Educational Affairs Committee (EAC) of the University Council.  The EAC Petitions Subcommittee decisions on student petitions shall be transmitted in writing to the student within ten UGA working days after the Subcommittee action. A Subcommittee's decision can be appealed by the student to the President of the University of Georgia. Such an appeal must be provided to the Office of the President in writing no later than thirty calendar days after the student has received the decision. (Academic Affairs Policy 4.05-01). 

Petitions Subcommittee of the Educational Affairs Committee

The Petitions Subcommittee is comprised of three faculty members from the EAC. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction provides administrative support for the EAC and the Subcommittee, and maintains records of the Subcommittee including student files and other pertinent materials.  

Appeals should be in the form of a letter written and signed by the student. Letters should clearly and concisely explain the appeal, state the matter being appealed in the first sentence, and include all relevant information in support of the appeal.  Appeals must include the student's full name, UGA student ID number, postal address, UGA email, and phone number. If the appeal is based on a medical (physical or mental) or personal hardship, appropriate and substantive documentation of that hardship must be provided.


Excluded from these procedures is any allegation involving discrimination or harassment in violation of the University of Georgia’s Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Sexual Orientation Policy. Those matters shall be referred to the appropriate office as required by the applicable policy.