Instructions for Filing an Academic Appeal

Submission Deadline for Appeals

The Petitions Subcommittee meeting dates and deadlines are established at the beginning of each academic year. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction prepares an appeal file for each student, obtains a recommendation from the academic dean for the student, and coordinates the meetings of the Petitions Subcommittee.

IMPORTANT: Each petition requires time to prepare and each meeting has a full agenda and limited time to consider submitted appeals. If a student misses the deadline for a particular meeting, his/her appeal will be held until the next meeting.

Time Limit for Grade Appeals

Grade appeals must be received within one calendar year from the term in which the grade was recorded.  

Disallowed Appeals

University policies change. No appeals are allowed based on the fact that a policy has changed. 

Preparing an Appeal

Appeals should be in the form of a letter written and signed by the student. Letters should clearly and concisely explain the appeal, state the matter being appealed in the first sentence, and include all relevant information in support of the appeal. Appeals must include the following on the first page in the upper left corner.:

  1. student’s full name
  2. UGA student ID number
  3. postal address
  4. UGA email
  5. phone number
  6. for hardship appeals only: last date of attendance for the semester requested*

Appeals must be prepared and signed by the student—they cannot be prepared on behalf of the student by another party.

The Petitions Subcommittee does not rehear appeals so it is very important that the student provides all relevant documentation at the time the letter of appeal is submitted. 

If the appeal is based on a medical or personal hardship, substantive supporting documentation explaining how the hardship affected the student's academic performance must be provided. *In addition, the student's letter of appeal must include the last date of attendance for the semester in which the university withdrawal is requested. A university withdrawal may affect a student's financial aid eligibility and Satisfactory Academic Progress standards.  The result may include mandatory repayment of aid previously disbursed. Students are strongly urged to speak to staff in Student Account Services and the Office of Student Financial Aid prior to submitting an appeal for a retroactive hardship withdrawal. 

IMPORTANT:  In accordance with the provisions of Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 and university policy, if any information concerning sexual violence is included in a student’s appeal, the Office of the Vice President for Instruction is obligated to report the matter to UGA’s Title IX coordinator.

Submitting an Appeal

Appeals should be submitted to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction by any of the methods below:

Educational Affairs Committee
Office of the Vice President for Instruction
Student Academic Services
University of Georgia
114 New College
Athens, GA 30602

FAX: (706) 542-0544


IMPORTANT: If you fax your appeal, please send an email to to confirm it was received.

Review of Appeal

The Petitions Subcommittee is comprised of faculty members of the Educational Affairs Committee. The Office of the Vice President for Instruction manages the appeals process on behalf of the appointed faculty. All communication must be directed to the Office of the Vice President for Instruction, not to any members of the Subcommittee, before and after the appeal is reviewed and a decision made.

Student Appearances

Decisions are based solely on the merits of the written appeal and the documentation provided to the Petitions Subcommittee. The student need not appear in person before the Subcommittee. However, a student may request in writing to meet in person with the Petitions Subcommittee. 

IMPORTANT: Students wishing to appear must include this request in their written appeal. No other persons (parents, friends, attorneys, etc.) are allowed to meet with the Subcommittee members.

Students wishing to appear will be provided an appointment during the meeting. If the student is scheduled to meet with the Subcommittee, appropriate individuals against whom the appeal is directed will also be afforded the opportunity to appear before the Subcommittee, although at a separate time.

Should a student wish to appear, the student is allowed a maximum of 15 minutes to provide any information not already included in the written appeal and supporting documentation. The Petitions Subcommittee will have already reviewed the appeal and documentation provided and may or may not have questions regarding the appeal. University policy requires that student appearances be audio recorded.


Decisions are not given to the student during the meeting and cannot be given by email, phone, or fax; all decisions are sent by certified mail to the address provided by the student. Students may opt to pick-up their decision letters and should make that request in their appeal.

Generally, decisions are made within 10 days of the meeting.

The Subcommittee’s decision is final. 

A student has the right to appeal the Subcommittee's decision to the President of the University of Georgia. Such an appeal must be provided to the Office of the President in writing no later than thirty calendar days after the student has received the decision. (Academic Affairs Policy 4.05-01). 

EDUCATIONAL AFFAIRS COMMITTEE, Submitting an Academic Appeal(September 2015, Office of the Vice President for Instruction)