Resources for ensuring continuity in teaching, learning and other student services

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Rahul Shrivastav, Vice President for Instruction

Faculty and Graduate Teaching Assistants


As you know, COVID-19 has impacted the operations of some of our study abroad offerings. We are also proactively evaluating our plans to minimize the disruption to students, faculty and staff in the event that such disruptions become more widespread. To assist with this planning, the Office of Instruction has created some guidelines and a repository of tools to help maintain continuity of our instructional activities. You can review these here: Technology for Teaching and Learning Continuity.

We encourage all faculty, advisors, and staff who engage with students to review the Technology for Teaching and Learning Continuity website and to familiarize themselves with available technology solutions to help maintain our instructional efforts.

I am requesting that every faculty member review this website and create a test module using these instructions as quickly as possible, preferably within the next week. If you do not already use E-Learning Commons (eLC) for your courses, you should log-in and access your courses in eLC immediately; there are instructions on the webpage if you have not done this before. Ideally, test the module using technology from your home to ensure that the setup works. Testing your ability now will allow us to troubleshoot and provide additional support and training while we have an opportunity to do so.

Times of disruption can be stressful and overwhelming for everyone — instructors, staff and students alike. Your help and support in ensuring that we can continue our teaching and other student services is greatly appreciated.

We will continue to add more information and resources to this website. If you have any additional needs or questions regarding instructional support and technology, please let me know.



Rahul Shrivastav
Vice President for Instruction.