Video Conferencing Options

UGA offers two complimentary online video conference services: Zoom and eLC Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

When using either of these solutions, please know that the performance of these tools is dependent on the quality of the computer hardware and the internet connection. In times of disruption, the network may not always have sufficient bandwidth and could impact the quality of communication. In particular, remember that even when you have a high-quality network, some of your audience may not have the same quality on their end.

Consider using asynchronous or pre-recorded video whenever possible. Asynchronous video can be prepared within Kaltura, Zoom, or eLC Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, or simply done through a narrated PowerPoint presentation uploaded to the Kaltura media server.


Zoom is UGA’s online meeting tool and is quick to set up and use. It allows you to share your documents (e.g., Powerpoint slides) with your audience while broadcasting audio. Your student can join this meeting online and have the option to listen to the audio using their computer or a phone. 

Some considerations when using Zoom:

  • You can invite up to 300 participants. Consider this when planning for larger classes.
  • You will need to invite your students via email which you can do directly from the Classlist tab on your eLC course page 
  • To deliver your lectures asynchronously, you can record and save your lectures and share this with your students.
  • You can set-up a UGA Zoom background by following these easy directions
  • Avoid Zoombombing by managing screensharing, managing your participants or creating a wait room. Learn how in this here.

Get Started

ELC Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

eLC Blackboard Collaborate Ultra is available within the eLC environment. It allows for easy log-in with your students.

To access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, simply log into eLC, navigate to your course, then look for Blackboard Collaborate Ultra on the Tools menu.

Some considerations when using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra:

  • You can use this tool with up to 250 participants. With prior request, this tool can be extended for use with up to 500 participants simultaneously.
  • This can support both synchronous and asynchronous video.

Get Started

  • Set-up your class in eLC.
  • Navigate to “tools” to find Collaborate on the drop-down menu.