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The Exploratory Center advises all students with unspecified majors, as well as students with intended-business and intended-journalism majors. If you have an unspecified major, are having trouble selecting a major, or feel you are in the wrong major, our advisors are ready to work with you one-on-one to guide you toward the major and career path that are right for you.

Thank a Teacher!

Has a teacher enriched your life or lit a spark that made you excited to go to class? Is there a teaching assistant who changed the way you think about a discipline and inspired you to learn more? Is there a professor who made an extra effort to help you learn or whose passion for a subject has become your own? Let that teacher—and the University community—know about it.

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Hands-on learning for University of Georgia Undergraduates

The University of Georgia has taken a significant step toward ensuring that all of its students engage in the kinds of hands-on experiences that enhance learning and position them for success after graduation.