Active Learning

In 2017, the President's Task Force on Learning Student and Success presented a recommendation to assist UGA faculty in transforming undergraduate courses to actively engage students and improve the rigor and academic success of students.

Recent research has shown a significant positive impact on student learning and success from adopting active learning techniques in the classroom. Promoting critical-thinking, problem-solving skills, and teamwork are just three of the many outcomes associated with active learning pedagogy. Some UGA faculty and departments have already adopted this in a variety of classes (e.g., SCALE-UP classrooms in Physics; Reacting to the Past pedagogy in Classics, etc.). The Task Force agreed that wider adoption of active learning pedagogy at UGA would result in improved student learning and academic performance. To further promote active learning at UGA, President Morehead is sponsoring an Active Learning Institute for faculty.

From this recommendation have come three components of the Active Learning Initiative that aim to improve the student learning environment and better prepare our students for critical thinking skills in a real-world application:

Active Learning Summer Institute for Faculty

Active Learning Classroom Initiative

Active Learning Laboratory